And just like that…

Each year, I intend to really concentrate on North Pole Annex, and each year, something happens to hijack my best intentions. This year has been a difficult one, between job issues, surprise obligations, and pet departures.

At least for me, the pet issues has been the worst. Those of you who know me in real life know that our pets are important to us. To say that they are family is an understatement. If you have pets, then I don’t need to explain.

Back in January 2019, just a few days after the close of Christmas, our PWC Maggie passed away. She was a puppy mill rescue, and was not immediately taken with me, but once we brought her home, she became a fixture. Mrs. SantaDavid called her my blood pressure med! If I was stressed about anything, she would crawl in my lap, lean her head back, look at me with those eyes, and I melted.

Maggie, and her fellow PWC (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) Molly both were diagnosed with kidney failure, and were receiving fluid treatments from our vets, but for Maggie, it just wasn’t enough. She passed in our arms, and our world was shaken.

That world started to crumble in September, when Molly began to show some difficulty breathing. The fluid treatments had been keeping the kidney failure at bay, giving us at least a year or more extra, but one day she was having issues breathing, and the next morning, she was gone.

When you have pets or children, you know that silence means that something is wrong, and something was wrong around here. Neither of us found it easy to dwell in our house without our pups here with us. We were both hurting, but even moreso, we were finding it almost impossible to have a proper time of grieving. We both wanted to fill the void in our home and hearts, but were embarrassed to mention it.

These are the times that God chooses to step in and heal the hurt. One of our friends, Sonja Malaske, reached out to us just when we were reaching our breaking point. Sonja breeds corgis, and said that the Lord had put us on her heart, and she invited us to come out and see some of her pups.

Long story short, we came home with TWO PWC pups, both siblings, both about five months old, and both ready and willing to fill that void in our lives.

Needless to say, having two puppies can take up a lot of time, and my intentions of adding more to this site were dashed. It’s now the end of November, and the only reason that I can write this post is because both pups are at the vets getting, um, “that” procedure done. Honestly, I would not have it any other way.

I said all that to say this: I will, one day soon, come back and get serious about North Pole Annex, but for now, please be patient.